What to do in Fez, Morocco

If you are planning to do the amazing Morocco Tour there are many cities you should visit, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, these are great options that you can take into account when traveling to Morocco. So, if you are thinking of going to Fez there are many activities that you can do, but there are things that are the most famous things and are loved by tourist and here I will talk about the best thing you should do when you are in Fez.
The first thing I recommend you to do is visiting the Old Medina. This is a famous place and it is magic, you can find anything you want and you can also visit Mosque that are near. These are places that are only for Muslim but you can still look at the place outside and enjoy the architecture, there are other mosque that you can enter that are for Non Muslim, so if you find this place I recommend you to go.

When you are in the Medina you needdo decide whether to hire an official tour guide or not because this is a big place and it is full of people and if you do not have a local guide you will easily get lost. If you have your own local guide of the Morocco Tour then you do not need to worry.
Being in the old medina is amazing, people love walking around the streets and Moroccan are really kind so this will make things easier, this place is worth it if you really like walking and you can find anything you want. This place is full of stories and memories but you need to be careful because there are going to be people here who can take advantage of you, so be aware of hiring your own local tour guide. For people who enjoy getting lost in the streets, this is the best place for you! If you do not speak Arabic it is important to have your local guide because you will be able to bargain and get excellent prices!
Another great place to go and it is free is the Jnan Sbil garden. This is a beautiful place, with fountains and birds. This is an excellent place to go if you want to escape from the Medina and have a relaxing moment here, this is an extreme quiet place for people who enjoy being in places like these. The palms are beautiful and are well maintained. It is important to remember that the best thing about this place is that you do not have to pay to enter this place and you can look at the plants, shrubberies and trees. This place is not too big so you can easily visit the whole gardens.

Another exciting thing to do in Fez is visiting a Tannery. This a place that many people like and other people do not like, it is like traveling to the past and looking at how people work with animals skins and paintings. Here you will have to climb many stairs in order to see everything, if you hire a local guide this is the best thing to do as they will explain you the work process and some curious facts about this place. Some people do not like this place because it can be overwhelming and the smell is not good, this is why sprigs of mint are given to the tourists. This is an excellent and recommended experience for people who travel to Fez.
So, after you read this now you know what can of activities you can do in Fez, so happy traveling!