Is There A Fashion Week In Venice?

If you were ever to ask someone who has been to Venice or lives in Venice what the best things are to see and do in the city, then you’d more than likely be given a long list of must-see sights and attractions. What if you are after something a little bit different? Italy has long been considered to be one of the main fashion capitals of the world and while Italy as a whole has brought out more world-class designers than you can shake a stick at, how does the fashion scene fare from city to city? As soon as you step out onto the streets of Venice, there are certainly a noticeable number of well-dressed people about- be they other tourists or the locals.  There are a huge number of designer outlets in Venice, as well as independent boutiques that sell more unusual fashion pieces. Venice is also a great place to go to for those more unique pieces or jewellery and accessories, thanks to the beautiful handmade glass made on one of its islands, Murano.

Fashion Night in Venice

While there isn’t a fashion week in Venice (Italy’s ‘Fashion Week’ home is currently Milan), it does haven’t its own alternative fashion occasion and this is known as Venice Fashion Night! Venice Fashion Night is all about surrounding its visitors with creativity; from fashion shows and performances that involve exciting designers and emerging artists. Hotels and Venetian art galleries make the event a stand out due to their offering out their space to host the events. Venice is fast becoming a powerful figure in the world of fashion and Fashion Night in Venice is just one of the ways that this can be celebrated.

Venice’s Fashion Night can be broken down into three key events. Firstly, tours of the best places where the Venetian creativity becomes most real- ateliers and factories will be open to the public in order t show their creativity. Secondly, there is an entire digital storytelling element in which people that participate in the event are invited to share their experiences online, via social media etc. Lastly, there are the events, performances and exhibitions that complete the event in all its glory.

The main purpose of Venice Fashion Night is to celebrate all things made in Italy and to represents creatives, designers and textile manufacturers.

What else is going on in Venice?

There is certainly a lot that Venice has to celebrate, with fashion being on the most exciting aspects of its cultural identity. The island has a whole lot to offer open-minded tourists. In between going to Venice’s Fashion Night, there are a whole host of other things to be getting on with. A visit to Venice wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of its oldest and most intriguing landmarks. For example, did you know Venice is home to the world’s oldest casino- Casino di Venezia? If you’re a betting fan, then be sure to check out the best financial betting website online.