Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Today’s topic is why you would consider hiring a personal injury lawyer on your business case. Well, the reason is most of us or many of us who practice personal injury law did not consider ourselves simply personal injury lawyers. We consider ourselves trial lawyer’s courtroom advocates. We did not limit our practice simply to one particular fact scenarios such as personal injury or medical malpractice.

What was the past behind Personal Injury Lawyers?

Historically it used to always be this way back in the 1840s and 50s when Abraham Lincoln was practicing law. He would consider himself simply a trial lawyer. He handled business cases debt collection matters and he also handled personal injury cases and yes they’re ordered personal injury cases back in the 1840s and 50s. It continued this way through American history up and Eve in the 1950s and 60s. Sometime in the 1960s and into the 1970s and into the 1980s lawyers began to classify themselves as the law became more complicated into the areas. Where they limited most of their practices. You would see lawyers that say I’m a divorce lawyer or I’m a personal injury lawyer or on a patent lawyer and that serves a valuable purpose in many cases.

However, there are still those of us who do not want to limit themselves. Simply to personal injury law or medical malpractice law or business law. The art of going through the courtroom and being able to litigate a case from beginning to end and try the case if necessary is not limited to a specific facts scenario. So why would you consider using a personal injury lawyer? First personal injury lawyers are very accustomed to sharing risk with their clients. Nearly all personal injury cases are handled contingent fee meaning that the personal injury lawyer gets paid only when the case is won.

You may find that you want a lawyer in your business case to share the risk with you. Meaning the lawyer will not get paid or only get paid a portion will get paid more based off of the result and related to this personal injury lawyers, in my opinion, are very efficient. They are accustomed to working by themselves or in small groups or using themselves and paralegals to get the result they need. Contrasting this with the very large law firms. Where there are hundreds and hundreds of partners. Fleets of associates of paralegals to draw from business litigators in those firms often and I don’t mean to indict the entire industry. Well over stack the case overcharged a case usually charging by the hour so efficiency is not necessarily rewarded.

Reasons why You should have Personal Injury Lawyers.

There are disadvantages of that system so you may want to consider. The personal injury lawyer if you will for the efficiency seat. Finally, personal injury lawyers at least many of them are accustomed to trying the case at trial in front of a judge or jury. You know one of the dirty secrets in the litigation world is that in the big firms particularly. I don’t mean to indict all large firm lawyers but there are many lawyers out there who help themselves as litigators. Who has never tried a jury trial or have never tried a trial in front of the judge which is called a bench trial and I’ll certainly they’ve taken many depositions gone to hearings. But when push comes to shove and the case is nearly over and you cannot get the case settled.

Sometimes you need a lawyer to go in front of the judge or go in front of the jury and explain the case at trial. There is an art to this in my opinion. More likely a personal injury lawyer has experienced doing this a good personal injury lawyer will try three sometimes four jury trials in a year. The big firm system to be quite honest it’s very expensive to try a trial. When you’re paying by the hour and many of the lawyers. The big law firms do not have the experience having grown up in the large law firm of trying the case and you may not know this when you’ve hired the lawyer from the large law firm or even the medium-sized law firm so simply for the sake of having a lawyer experienced and going to court and try the case you may want to consider the quote personal injury lawyer.