Choose a perfect sedan for your family!!

Choose a perfect sedan for your family!!

Being one of the popular choices among buyers, Toyota corolla 2016 has been the biggest selling vehicle from the past few years. This vehicle is always a crowd pleaser, as it contains a plethora of features, in a stipulated budget.

Exploring the prominent features of Toyota corolla!

Some of the major highlights of the vehicle include the following points,

  • Being extremely user-friendly, the infotainment interface of the vehicle is world class.
  • The vehicle is known for its large leg room space on the rear side.
  • LE Eco model of Toyota corolla is known for its low fuel economy.
  • Standard equipment available with the car saves a lot of money.
  • Aim at providing a smooth ride on the highway and the city.


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Toyota Corolla specifications:

Talking of the vehicle specifications, some of the important points include,

  • LE Eco mode of the car maximizes the efficiency of the car, which also shows an enhanced performance of transmission tuning. Rear spoiler, along with the low resistance tires boosts the aerodynamics. The LE eco mode also comprises of a chrome window trim, and alloy wheels which make it a premium drive.
  • Being a premium sedan, Toyota corolla primarily comes in four levels which are LE Eco, LE, L and S.
  • LE plus model comes equipped with fog lights, alloy wheels, sunroof. Audio system attached to the vehicle is of premium quality, along with a navigation system, integrated in it.
  • Special features in L model include low bean LED headlights along with high beam running LED lights. Bluetooth connectivity to an audio system, available with different auxiliary controls.

With different specifications like telescopic steering, air conditioning, Led lights, auxiliary controls on steering, Toyota corolla is known to be a perfect choice for people who are looking for a comfortable and luxurious sedan.