Best Women’s Running Shoes

The best women’s running shoes are designed to give the feet control, stability and cushioning. If a woman’s shoe has all these features, it ranks among the best shoes. A shoe with control provides a good grip while the woman is in motion or halting, thereby reducing foot injuries and falls. Shoes with motion control are especially recommended for women with flat feet or overpronator. A pair of shoes is considered stable when it controls excessive side-to-side motion and provides less flexibility in the toe area. These are definitely recommended for women who have toe problems and tend to twist their ankles or lose their balance often. Shoes with cushioning are good for women with high arches or underpronators, and women who suffer from heel pain or have poor natural padding. Cushioned shoes have excellent shock absorption qualities. But the cushioning properties of a shoe get eroded after about 400 to 500 miles of running.

The fit of the shoe should be good enough to make any pair worth its price. The best running shoes for women would have a little bit of extra space to wiggle the feet. The shoe should have about a thumbs’ width of space more than the full size of the feet. The middle foot area should have a secure and comfortable resting place beneath it. And there should not be any slippage at the sides near the heel area. If they are also lightweight, they will tire you less and help in running long distance.

Many popular shoe manufacturers make women’s shoes with most of these features. Nike, Brooks, Mizuno, Avia, Saucony and Asics are the brands offering the best women’s running shoes. Their prices range from about $25 to $150 and are offered in a variety of attractive colors and designs. To find out which shoe is best for you, check the fitting thoroughly and discuss your running plan with the store attendants. A shoe that might be best for me may not suit your requirements. So it is advised to search for your best option by seeking the above features in your running shoes. You can find the best running shoes either in a shoe shop or on the Internet.