Best Place For Fashion In Europe

Best Place For Fashion In Europe


The four mighty pillars of the fashion industry Paris, London, New York and Milan have been considered to be the fashion capitals of the world. Due to the investment and substantial output of fashion in these cities, fashion is not only economically significant for their respective countries but is also an integral aspect of the identities and international profiles of their respective countries.

While the four aforementioned cities have always been recognised for their input into the fashion world, there are a number of emerging contenders that are presenting some increasingly promising competition when it comes to leading in the fashion industry. Each year the Global Language Monitor generates a list of the top ten most influential fashion cities in the world. This research is conducted by analysing data about how often the cities appear or are discussed on various online mediums, such as blogs, websites, newspapers and journals, for example. We are going to look at some of the most influential fashion capitals based on this new data…


Over the years Barcelona has been crawling up the ranks when it comes to making its presence known in the world of fashion. With Barcelona’s liberally minded culture that is constantly being pushed forward by its influential youth, it continues to make its mark on the fashion industry with its colourful and fun Spanish apparel.


It was Florence that was in fact once Italy’s cultural and economic hub. With the popularity of Milanese designers prevailing through the 20th century, Milan quickly established itself as the place for fashion and has subsequently become one of the ‘big four’ fashion capitals of the world. Despite this, Rome is beginning to thrive as a fashion hub and this is also greatly helped along by the city’s beauty and historical significance.


If you have ever wandered the streets of Denmark then you could quite easy see why Copenhagen is considered to be an emerging fashion destination. It’s minimalist, practical style and muted colour palette instantly exudes elegance and sophistication. Copenhagen continued to entice the eyes of the fashion press towards Scandinavian shores, where its street style is renowned.


The European fashion industry is particularly competitive, having playing host to three out of four fashion capitals. The importance of Antwerp as an emerging competitors against the likes of a city such as London, for example shouldn’t be overlooked. The fashion department of Antwerp’s esteemed Royal Academy of Fine Arts has produced the likes of Raf Simons and Martin Margiela, who are both now household fashion names.

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