Best Crossbow For The Money

The Sledgehammer crossbow broad head features a solid steel ferrule tipped with Wasp’s bone-crushing stainless steel trocar tip. Ideally we were trying to find a weapon that would give us high-end or close to high-end performance, but at an affordable price point that a typical reader wouldn’t balk at. Trust us, this wasn’t easy, even with the number of crossbow reviews we’ve read and models we’ve tested.

Crossbows are available in two-handed models and one-handed pistol” models Two handed crossbows are the most common by far and are appropriate for the widest variety of situations such as hunting, fishing, scientific sample-collecting, target shooting, and even military use.

There are more makes, models and styles of hunting broad heads available than you can shake a stick at. Here again, the most expensive are generally those built to the tightest tolerances, with the sharpest blades, that fly straight and true, and have a long track record of success.

Recurve crossbows are easier to put together and maintain, they are more simple in design when you compare a recurve crossbow vs compound crossbow, if you were in the field shooting and had a problem with your recurve 90% of the time it would be the string which can be changed in a matter of minutes with ease.

Also, while it takes longer to load a crossbow, when it comes to firing it, it really isn’t any different from a regular firearm, particularly if the crossbow has a scope mounted on it. Essentially, you just aim and pull the trigger to release the arrow in much the same way you would shoot a gun.