A Bewildering Choice of Summer Bridal Shoes

Shopping for the perfect wedding shoe can be as exciting as shopping for the dress itself or for your family and friend’s Wedding Guest Dresses from sites like https://www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses/, but be prepared to put some serious time in as there are so many styles to choose from. Every year has its own high fashion offerings, with no exception, with barefoot sandals, towering high heels with the most delicate straps, and beautiful vintage shoes to inspire and delight.

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Choosing the right shoes for your wedding

There is no such thing as the correct shoe. Every bride’s choice will be as individual as her own wedding. It is important that the shoes are comfortable to walk in, however, as you will be on your feet all day and don’t want to be focusing on blisters or aching balls!

Look for beautiful summer shoes with pretty detailing. Some collections feature a lot of very feminine touches such as bows, crossover straps, and peep toes, along with also slingbacks. A low or mid heel is ideal for adding height without crippling you. A heel does give the illusion of a longer and slimmer leg, but don’t be afraid to wear a beautiful satin flat or a stylish sandal, especially if you are naturally tall or choosing a more informal theme.

The vintage theme

You’ll find there has been a big focus on vintage wedding theme shoes, took a look online for plenty of inspiring images. The 50s is still a big design reference, with peep toes being quite popular. These reveal beautifully painted toenails that can provide a funky color pop against ivory or cream. Find some beautiful examples in designer stores, online or in stores for originals.

Lace touches and sparkling finishes

There is a welcome return to lace this year with everything from pastel-colored lace stilettos to lace-up boots all featuring in this summer’s statement bridal fashions. Ivory peep toes in lace would look particularly great with a tea length wedding dress. Don’t forget sparkling shoes; diamante crystals are popular with those who want their feet to really sparkle under their dresses.

Comfort to end the day

For beach or garden weddings or simply for the end of a long day, don’t rule out a beautiful pair of nude or jeweled flip flops to really relax in!